Different tones of content for your website

Different tones of content for your website

It’s very important to get the tone of your content correct on your website. The tone of your content should reflect the image of your company and the way that you want to speak to your customers.

Naturally, the intended target audience for your content should also be considered. If you are aiming at young people and students then you should have a young, chatty feel to your content. If you are aiming at older people on a financial services website then a more formal tone is required.

Think about your target audience and tailor your content for them.

Some of the different types of content you may need for your website are:

  • Sales copy – should be written with selling mind, using positive terms and promotional words
  • Legal copy – needs to be professional but doesn’t necessarily have to be unreadable
  • Blog copy – can be very informal and chatty, almost as though you were speaking to a friend
  • Website copy – this can be up to you, depending on your audience

Once you know your audience, you will know how to word your content.

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