Design specialist acquired by Google

Design specialist acquired by Google

American search king Google has bought website-building and marketing firm Gecko Designs to bolster its technological projects. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed to news suppliers.

Google is constantly releasing lots of futuristic products that make many technology firms turn their heads in awe, but a lot of them – including Glass and the self-driving cars – often lack something that makes them really appeal to the public.

Design has been highlighted as one of these issues and, as a result, Gecko Designs has become the latest in a long line of acquisitions for the California-based company, whose search engine is the prime focus for SEO specialists. The design firm, which was founded in 1996, has worked with a number of high-profile projects, including Logitech and Fitbit.

The company will join the team that works on projects such as Google Glass and the Loon project, which aims to provide internet access to the more remote areas of the globe.

Jacques Gagne, the owner of Gecko Designs, announced the deal on the company’s website stating that the move presents all involved in Gecko with “incredible” opportunities.

He also states that the firm is:

“[…] very excited and honoured to join Google X and work on a variety of cutting edge products.”

This move will help Google to overcome some of its critics, who have said that products such as Google Glass look “unfinished”, with the Gecko team set to assist in the product design phases of development.

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