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    The hills and moors of Denbighshire make this area of north-east Wales a fascinating landscape, harsh and seemingly isolated. As any switched-on Denbighshire business owner knows however, there’s no such thing as isolation when the right internet marketing campaign is underway. Businesses all over Denbighshire are using a multitude of internet marketing techniques to catch attention from all over the UK and beyond.

    Achieving more with every business website

    A website is an essential tool for any business, but businesses in rural areas of the UK are particularly in need. Having a website means having a web presence, which can help a Denbighshire business reach far beyond the county’s borders.

    It often happens that a company will launch its brand-new website into the wide world, then sit back and wonder why nothing’s happening. While most business owners know that good web design is important for a website’s success, quite a few have missed out on the importance of an internet marketing campaign to go along with it. More specifically, a good site can’t achieve much if the search engines don’t know about it, and this requires SEO, or search engine optimisation.

    How SEO works

    Search engine optimization techniques draw attention to a site by building up its online reputation. An optimisation professional will use techniques such as creating content, making social connections and negotiating links with other websites to boost the client site’s presence around the net. This boost, in connection with relevant keywords placed strategically throughout the site, results in better placement in the results listings when customers perform a search.

    The good news is that the reputation-building side of SEO means that a good optimisation campaign should help to increase an internet presence in general. This is a long term gain that can be taken into consideration in a business’ internet planning.

    Should PPC be added?

    Many companies consider adding pay per click advertising to their online campaign. The advantage of PPC campaigns is that they provide a swift return in terms of traffic. They are also a good way to cheaply test keywords. Pay per click returns don’t run for the long term though, and PPC should therefore be looked at as a specific strategy to solve a short term problem. Businesses can talk to us about strategic use of PPC at Engage Web.

    The right signs

    The castles such as Denbigh Castle, Castell Dinas Bran and Bodellwyddan which dot Denbighshire’s landscape were once a sign of the strong military presences here. For Denbighshire businesses on the net, the right signs of strength won’t necessarily be such visible strongholds.

    For example, many business owners concentrate on keywords when approaching search engine optimization and internet marketing. This can be the right approach for larger companies looking to dominate their industry, but for smaller or local businesses it’s the wrong approach. This is why it’s important to consider the broad range of internet marketing options available when marketing a Denbighshire business. With the right planning, companies can avoid the pitfalls of chasing Google, and instead focus on getting the right customers through their online doors.

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