Daybees competes with Google for event search

Posted on April 14, 2013


A new website has been launched in the UK, named Daybees. The site, which was introduced in March 2013 claims to be “the world’s largest events search engine” and holds details of over 1.5 million events on its database. Daybees is a speciality search engine, aiming to make an impression in the online search industry which is currently dominated by Google.

Speciality search sites are already available to search for travel, online shopping, retail estate and more. However, according to Daybees, it is the first website to offer entertainment information without having an arrangement with ticket sellers or organisers. The chief executive and founder of Daybees, Gary Morris believes that Daybees provides more localised results than Google which often provides a list of too many events. Users can personalise the search for entertainment with keywords, like the location, date or even the time of the event. Gary Morris said:

“I love Google. I use it umpteen times a day. But if I want to find an event that’s taking place at a certain time on a certain day, 2,000 feet from my front door or wherever, it’s impossible.”

Morris added that locals or concierges didn’t seem very knowledgeable about events in their area, which led to him starting up Daybees. The initial investment in the site has been made by Morris and Andrew Molasky, who is a director and partner in the site. As more people use mobile devices and want information on the move, this latest development could mean that events companies need to be ready to make changes to their local SEO campaign should Daybees gain in popularity.

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