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    Facebook acquires start-up Monoidics

    Posted on July 25, 2013

    Social media giant Facebook has bought Monoidics, a company whose technology detects errors in coding.

    It was recently revealed that technical staff working at the London-based start-up are set to join Facebook’s engineering hub, also in London.

    Making the announcement on Facebook, the director of the platform’s London engineering office, Philip Su, said the recent acquisition showed how the company is committed to investing in quality mobile apps. These have previously been criticised for being too slow or prone to bugs.

    He wrote:

    “This asset acquisition represents our investment in the quality of our mobile applications platform and also our people, as members of [Monoidics’] talented engineering team will join us to work at Facebook’s London office once the deal closes.

    “We have always focused on hiring smart, talented engineers – and in this acquisition, we found many.”

    With technology from Monoidics in place, the firm is now expected to be able to more easily find mistakes in lines of code. A number of big brands are already using Monoidics’ technology, including Airbus and Mitsubishi.

    Founded by an Italian entrepreneur in 2009, Monoidics is currently based in the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area of London but also has offices in Tokyo and Seattle.

    The cost of the acquisition has not been disclosed.

    With a large number of Facebook’s users checking their newsfeeds, timelines and inboxes via smartphones and tablets, the company now regularly updates its mobile app. It is believed that by working with Monoidics, Facebook will be better equipped to iron out issues with its mobile offering.

    Posted by Richard Bell

    How franchisors can benefit from SEO

    Posted on July 24, 2013

    Most franchisors have not found themselves in such a position by chance. Those who reach the point where they are able to take what was once a one or two-man band and branch (more…)

    Posted by John Murray

    Photo app looks to break into the stock photography market

    Posted on July 24, 2013

    Photosharing app EyeEm, recently labelled by Forbes as “Instagram’s Chic Cousin”, is drawing in millions of new users every month. Last week, it announced securing new funds and revealed that it plans to become the top name for crowd-sourced photographs on mobile platforms.

    The company is reportedly working on developing a search engine specifically for (more…)

    Posted by Richard Bell

    Google expected to unveil Android 4.3 tomorrow

    Posted on July 23, 2013

    Web giant Google is to host an event tomorrow in which it is expected to reveal the next version of its operating system, Android.

    However, press invitations sent out for the event remained cryptic, simply revealing there would be (more…)

    Posted by Richard Bell

    A-list stars with D-list grammar

    Posted on July 22, 2013

    We all realise that celebrities know how to exploit Twitter and, in many cases, they could probably teach companies how to optimise their own news feeds. However, (more…)

    Posted by Matt Jones

    Google launches service for charities across England and Wales

    Posted on July 22, 2013

    Google for Nonprofits – a services that gives charities access products from the web giant that businesses pay to use – has been launched for organisations based in England and Wales.

    While the programme was first launched in 2011, this marks the first time the service has been made available outside the US.

    Speaking about the new service, Google UK’s managing director, Dan Cobley, explained that Google wants to support what he called (more…)

    Posted by Richard Bell

    One stop doc

    Posted on July 20, 2013

    When we’re creating a web app or website here at Engage web, it’s not uncommon to have to refer to the manual or online documentation of a particular function or tag. With the broad range of languages we use, it can mean (more…)

    Posted by Steven

    ITV viewers opt for multiplatform approach

    Posted on July 19, 2013

    A large number of people are using tablet computers while watching their favourite TV shows, ITV has found.

    The broadcaster launched ITV Lives, an initiative set up to explore how people’s viewing habits are becoming increasingly multiplatform, back in February.

    Since then, ITV Lives has reportedly accumulated (more…)

    Posted by Richard Bell
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