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Research shows young notice poor grammar and spelling on websites

Posted on December 31, 2012

A new study has shown that younger internet users are more likely to be influenced by (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

Mortgage comparison tool launched by Google

Posted on December 31, 2012

A new comparison tool for mortgages has been launched recently by Google. When a user performs a search for a term related to mortgages, the comparison tool will appear above the search results. According to Google, the comparison tool will search around 5,000 deals including loans which are provided by mortgage brokers. Deals through banks and other loan companies will also be displayed. This development by Google may initiate (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

IE failing could risk web snooping

Posted on December 30, 2012

A UK web analytics firm has revealed that users of Internet Explorer could be having their web use tracked, allowing firms to capitalise with targeted marketing.

The flaw has been discovered by London firm spider.io. It says that three of the biggest analytic companies in the world are already exploiting it too. In explaining the size of the problem, Doug de Jager said: (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

Books more expensive on Amazon

Posted on December 29, 2012

In news that will likely surprise and please many book buyers this Christmas, it is revealed that Amazon is not the place to head to for bargains on books.

As people start to reconsider their use of Amazon following tax revelations about the company, the revelation could undermine sales further. A new study has shown that other than its top 20 bestsellers list, the online retailer adds an average of (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones

SEOPR makes online efforts more successful

Posted on December 28, 2012

With search engine optimisation gaining ever more credibility in the mainstream marketing world, it is little surprise that many companies are bringing their SEO and PR experts together. In effect, it should not have taken this long, but it should at least be a happy marriage.

Be seen in the right place

Link building, as the world and his mistresses know, is where good rankings are going to be won. Moreover, these links must be solid, trusted and earned. However, understanding just where the best links are is not always easy.

Unless you work to a PR mindset of course. Targeting content and features to attract links from trusted sources, news agencies, respected forums and so on is all about public relations. It is essentially that old adage of ‘how you say it, not what you say.’

Engage the customer

You still need to have something to say of course – relevancy and all that – but it needs to be said in such a way that will interest a veritable smörgåsbord of sources. Unless it is über-interesting of course, in which case it will be picked up quicker than a case of herpes in a halls of residence.

This is just the first step though, SEO PR should also focus on direct customer engagement, in the right way. With so many social media platforms now, that is simplicity itself.

Yet again though, knowing what to say is important and, a great tip, is to shadow the style and tone of the customer his or herself. Familiarity and connection, all done and dusted.

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

UK net shoppers top global list

Posted on December 27, 2012

A recent survey in December 2012 has found that the UK is obsessed with internet shopping, far outstripping the activities of other major western countries.

The figures, supplied by communications regulator Ofcom, show that the average spend from a UK consumer is over (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

List reveals UK wanderlust for 2012

Posted on December 26, 2012

As part of its annual zeitgeist – the list of the most popular searches, Google has revealed the most popular travel search terms. For firms working in the industry, the data could be an invaluable SEO aid to the year ahead.

Topping the list was (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

Kate Middleton proves happy breeding ground for 2012 searches

Posted on December 25, 2012

With the release of its annual zeitgeist, search engine firm Google has revealed the most popular searched for celebrities in the UK in 2012. Second in the list, under the term ‘Kate Middleton, was the Duchess of Cambridge.

Her husband did not make it alongside her into the top ten celebrity list, though her brother-ln-law ‘Prince Harry’, at number nine, did. The Royal’s visit to Las Vegas earlier in the year probably had something to do with this.

Also making it into the top three was (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones
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