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Buying time through SEO copywriting

Posted on May 26, 2010

From content writers to candle makers, the self-employed face many distractions, especially if they work from home. The Internet is a valuable part of business life, but it is difficult to separate its useful side from its time-wasting aspects. This has become such a problem for some that software is available which disables the Internet for a timed interval, although one suspects more technically-minded folk might just spend the allotted time becoming fascinated by the challenge of working out how to get around the software.

Another occupational hazard for those who work at home is the obliviousness to working hours shown by family and friends. This is usually the self-employed person’s own fault, because by dropping work at moments of weakness in favour of (more…)

Posted by Jenny C

Irresponsible journalism suggests 60% of Facebook users want to quit

Posted on May 25, 2010

When writing copy for websites there’s nothing like a good headline to grab the reader’s attention. The headline is the first thing the reader sees, and also acts as the title of your listing within the search results which, hopefully, will be on the first page of Google for relevant searches. So for maximum SEO impact you want a catchy headline, but you also want some keywords in it – this means that writing the perfect headline is tricky, especially when integrity gets in the way.

Luckily that wasn’t an issue for PC World * last week when they ran the headline: Study: 60 Percent of Facebook Users Mulling to Quit.

The headline suggested that 60% of Facebook’s users were thinking about quitting the social networking site. The article went on to explain how 60% of Facebook’s users were considering leaving Facebook over concerns about privacy, and the article was based on ‘research’ from Sophos – an IT security firm.

Now, 60% is an awful lot of people when you consider that Facebook has over 400 million users. 60% represents 240 million users – a sizable total indeed. So how many of Facebook’s users did Sophos speak to (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

SEO copywriters could be replaced by robots

Posted on May 24, 2010

The world of SEO copywriting should make the most of the current preference for human content writers because research scientists at Tokyo University have recently created a robot with journalistic skills. Just like a real journalist, the robot is able to move around independently and recognise anything unusual in the environment. When anything potentially newsworthy is discovered, the robot is able to take photographs and interview bystanders. As it is also connected to the Internet it can research online for additional information regarding a story, before churning out an article and uploading it to the Web.

Unless the robots are programmed to become any more lifelike, they will probably roam the streets at all hours with no need for refreshment or sleep, and creation and uploading of articles may (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

40% of teenage girls say Facebook is major influence

Posted on May 24, 2010

According to new research, as many as 40% of teenage girls stated that Facebook played a major part in their lives and was more influential to them than magazines, TV and even their own siblings. This compares with just 6% of teenage boys who said that Facebook was a major part of their lives.

The research was conducted by National Family Week and included girls and boys aged between 8 and 15 years of age. While teenage girls expressed how important Facebook was to their lives, parents seemed wholly ignorant to just what a vital part the social networking website was playing in their children’s lives.

The survey also showed that Facebook played a bigger role in the lives of children whose parents were divorced and they were being brought up by one parent.

The survey was conducted in April this year and included 1000 children and 3000 parents in the UK. When teenage girls were asked what were the most important things in their lives, their friends, their family and Facebook topped the list – followed by MSN Messenger, a chat system used to keep in touch with friends over the Internet.

Boys were found to be more family orientated, with 73% of boys choosing family as the most important thing in their lives. Only 53% of girls said the same. Facebook isn’t as important to boys, with just 6% saying it was important enough to be in their top three. Boys seemed to prefer friends and money to social networking.

Perhaps surprising is the fact that girls believe (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones

Monitor your keywords to identify new competitors

Posted on May 23, 2010

Whether you’re actively engaging in SEO or not, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the top Google results for the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. If your search engine optimisation campaign is under way, and going well, your website should feature among the top results, but even if you’re not actively optimising and promoting your website, you should be aware who is regardless.

Most SEO companies offer ranking reports, showing where your website appears for relevant searches, but that doesn’t show you the full picture. Even if your ranking report shows you on the first page, if your main competitor is just one place above you, work still needs to be done.

While many website owners constantly check their rankings within Google, they don’t always look around to see who else is ranking, and more importantly, why. If a website is ranking above yours there is a reason for it. Are they better optimised than you, do they have (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

Sexiest Video Ever is Facebook malware attack

Posted on May 22, 2010

Facebook users who have tried to watch something branded as the ‘sexiest video ever’ will have been disappointed recently as their efforts met with nothing but malware and popup ads. The supposed video has been doing the rounds of user profiles on Facebook, showing up as a wall post on people’s profiles. The video link promises a sexy video of a woman on an exercise bike, but there is no video at all – merely a link to download a codec that is supposedly required to play it.

Naturally, there is no codec either, just some very harmful malware laden with adverts and pop-ups.

Websense features a blog on the malware attack, showing exactly what to look out for. They have even created the following video showing you what happens and how to avoid it.

Note, this video is not the sexiest video ever, merely a video showing what happens if you happen to fall for the trap of trying to watch the sexiest video ever on Facebook.

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

Will article writing exist in the future?

Posted on May 22, 2010

As many content writers will have noticed, perhaps with some concern, more and more of the content on computer screens is appearing in the form of audio and video rather than text. Instructions about how something works are now often presented as a short video, and opinions are published as an audio version of an interview rather than being written up by the interviewing journalist. There is also the phenomenal popularity of YouTube, and the fact that many people are already in love with the medium of television, with very few UK residents failing to include at least one TV in their homes. In the face of all this competition from video, is the written word going to become unnecessary?

Obtaining information via video and audio is a lot slower than reading text. It is easy to skip to different (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones

London to be wireless by 2012

Posted on May 21, 2010

London’s enigmatic mayor, Boris Johnson, is rarely out the press. Whether he’s insulting entire cities (as he once did to Liverpool, before having to apologise) or whether he’s coming up with radical ideas, Boris courts the press like a professional.

The mayor’s latest idea, one that could potentially annoy telecommunications companies in London, is to have the whole of the capital wi-fi enabled in time for the 2012 Olympics. Boris hopes to have every part of London accessible to the Internet via wi-fi, including, in his own words, “every lamppost, every bus stop”.

22 boroughs in London have already agreed to put their names to the new project, called ‘Project WiFi’, but as yet no idea of a cost has been revealed. One potential idea for funding the scheme would be for Google to step forward and finance the project themselves, offering wi-fi access free of charge. That would surely annoy every telecommunications firm in London, but would give (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews
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