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The importance of space in content on the Internet

Posted on February 23, 2010

Experienced content writers know that they have to adjust their technique depending on who they are communicating to. An article for an academic journal is not constructed according to the same conventions as a newspaper piece. It’s all about pleasing the typical reader of an article. (more…)

Posted by Jenny C

Chinese students responsible for Google hack?

Posted on February 22, 2010

Students are well known for their pranks, but usually the average student joke extends no further than the ‘commandeering’ of alcohol or the ‘relocation’ of road signs and police cones. Chinese students however could well have gone a few stages further with their pranks, as they’re having the finger pointed at them for the hack on Google that saw email boxes for known activists being accessed.

The ‘finger’ in question belongs to US computer security experts, who believe they have traced the origin of the hack into Google’s infrastructure all the way to the Jiaotong University, in Shanghai and Shandong Province’s Lanxiang Vocational School.

Jiaotong University is well known within China for having the best computer science programmes – the sort of establishment where individuals with the ability to hack into computer systems would be (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

Globalising culture and article writing

Posted on February 21, 2010

Even during the nineteenth century, globalisation was proceeding swiftly. The current wave of cultural globalisation has partly been promoted by the internet. It could be thought that geography is becoming less relevant to the provision of article content.

However, despite globalising cultural trends we don’t live in a completely globalised world. Cultures are heterogeneous and hybridised. The nation state is still important in cultural terms. Just because an online business can obtain the services of content writers from around the globe, does not mean that they necessarily should. This is not to say that nationalism is a positive phenomenon, it is merely to acknowledge its enduring cultural power. (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones

SEO reasons to become a Google News Publisher

Posted on February 21, 2010

Applying to become a Google News Publisher is something that every website that offers good quality news content should do. However, becoming accepted as a Google News Publisher isn’t easy because Google has certain requirements that you must meet before you can become accepted. These requirements are both technical and content based, which is why many websites find that they’re attempts to become publishers for Google News fail.

But why do websites try in the first place? What are the benefits to becoming a Google News Publisher?

Here are just a few reasons that you should read the guidelines on becoming a Google News Publisher and seriously consider writing content for your website in order to apply:

Increased Traffic
When your content is listed within Google News you will receive increased traffic from people looking for (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

House hunting on Google?

Posted on February 20, 2010

Anyone who’s been through the tedious business of house hunting will know that whether the housing market is buoyant, or whether it’s depressed, house hunting is very difficult. You’re either competing with hundreds of other people all looking for the same properties, or you’re struggling to find a house in the price range for your mortgage offer – that’s if you can get a mortgage in the first place.

House hunting is both difficult and stressful. If only you could use Google to find a house that suits you.

Well, it seems the days of Googling for the perfect property may not be that far away as, not content with providing the perfect search solution, Google may soon start offering cheap estate agents services for UK property owners and buyers.

The reason for this is that the Office of Fair Trading intends to relax the rules governing the purchase and sale of houses so that consumers can get better deals than those that are currently available. This would open the door for some of the major players in the UK to muscle in on the property service. Google is one of the companies expected to make a move into the property sector should the rules become more relaxed. Another company who could offer customers cheaper options, because of their huge buying power and financial clout, is (more…)

Posted by Matt Jones

Effective titles and article writing

Posted on February 19, 2010

An effective title is simply an efficient one in the world of search engine optimisation. It doesn’t need a flourish or a journalistic pun. It simply communicates what an article is concerned with. It is not too long, nor too convoluted. (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews

How to undermine your SEO company

Posted on February 19, 2010

When most people hire an SEO company to perform search engine optimisation on their website they understand that the SEO professionals are the experts. In much the same way as you wouldn’t tell a surgeon the best way to perform your own heart-bypass operation, you shouldn’t tell an SEO how they should be optimising your website.

Not everyone believes this to be true however. Some people like to undermine their SEO company wherever possible by undoing their work and generally rendering their website useless from an SEO point of view.

Why would anyone want to do this?

It beats us, but here are some ways that people choose to undermine their SEO company, thus negatively affecting their rankings, their traffic and ultimately, their business.

Randomly remove pages that have been added for SEO

Some people like to update their website a lot. This is good. We encourage this. Google likes it also. However, when those updates include the removal of pages that have been added for SEO purposes, the changes have a negative effect on the (more…)

Posted by Carl Hopkinson

How can I increase my Google ranking?

Posted on February 18, 2010

It’s a question often asked online, but few websites actually tell you how to do it. Here’s a little tip you can use to help your website to rank a little bit higher in Google’s rankings, and to stand out from the rest.

Firstly, you need to be adding content to your website. This is a given. If you’re not adding regular content in the form of news, articles or blogs, begin now. You can’t expect to become the biggest and the best if you’re not putting the work in to your website.

Now that you are adding regular content, check your website’s statistics. Not your rankings, your statistics. This could be by using Google Analytics, AW Stats, or some other stats package. Have a look at your website’s current traffic and what keywords your visitors are searching for. You want to look for key phrases that are two or more words. This is called ‘longtail search’.

Now, this is the clever bit. Put those key phrases into (more…)

Posted by Cheryl Mathews
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