Creating a brand through content

Creating a brand through content

The language used on a website is crucial in portraying the personality of a company. Ideally, trained SEO copywriters ought to be responsible for producing the words that convey what a business is all about. Often, though, content is neglected and quickly churned out when a web design is almost finished, perhaps by writers who are not very experienced at copywriting.

There is a need for consistency when creating a brand, as every piece of text on a site counts towards the overall impression. A paragraph out of step with the whole experience can leave readers scratching their heads. Maybe they thought the company espoused a relaxed and fun-filled attitude to life, but on the homepage they are confronted by a rather strait-laced introduction – seemingly composed by a strict maiden aunt.

It is worth spending time carefully crafting the words on a website so that they all send out the same message. This includes the language used on functional parts of the site, from buttons and links to shopping carts and warnings.

Part of a brand’s success depends upon how memorable it is, and words are a powerful way of achieving a lasting impression. When combined with sympathetic design the impact should be even greater. Using narrative can also help draw readers in and stories concerning a company’s activities, or those of its customers, can be compelling. The language used is far too important to be left to chance and professional content writers will know how to produce the right words for the job.

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