Could Cyber Monday be headed to UK shores?

Posted on November 19, 2011


For more than five years ‘Cyber Monday’ has been cause for much celebration the other side of the pond, as online retail outlets benefit from a boost in sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. With that date fast approaching this year (November 28 2011), the phenomenon could well be the latest American import.

In practice of course, the effect will most likely not be as pronounced.

In the States, the end of Thanksgiving historically marks the approach to Christmas. In the UK, things are markedly different; the festive season advertising is already well underway long before Halloween pumpkins have been carved.

However, for most UK consumers, thoughts certainly start to turn towards Christmas as November comes to an end. As such, companies looking to benefit from sizeable early gift buying which will ensue, will need to ensure the pages are optimised for the season.

Many will also benefit directly from ‘Cyber Monday’ in the States. Global brands are certainly aware of it, and target advertising to suit. With many search engine results not being Geo specific, UK consumers will naturally be caught up in their efforts.

On a practical level too, ordering now for Christmas all but guarantees items will be delivered on time.

With Monday a slow day for productivity in every company, the increased surfing online from offices in the country will inevitably sew seeds for those early purchases. With pay day arriving for most the Friday before too, there will be money available.

So, whilst the effects may not be quite so dramatic here, many online retailers will see Christmas come early; quite literally.

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