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    There are a lot of myths and legends about what drives a great website and an effective online presence, and as many false claims and promises to support those myths and legends, but the one constant is that consistent, effective and engaging content is the ONLY way to guarantee delivering true online success.

    The Engage Web Managed Content Service will attract, engage and convert online traffic, focusing extensively, and with our significant experience and expertise, on delivering;

    • Increased online profile and presence for your business
    • Increased marketing exposure to support growth ambitions
    • A variety of content, from articles and features to infographics and video
    • Industry-leading content, led by journalist-trained editors
    • Increased sales enquiries and generated leads
    • Improved consistency and positioning of your expertise and capability
    • Integrated and consistent social media positioning
    • A reduced risk of non-performance from your online marketing spend
    • A significant competitive advantage
    • A significant return on investment

    Forget false promises on expensive or ineffective SEO, forget ad-hoc or expensive copywriting that does not position your expertise to new and existing customers and forget trying to make time to keep your online presence current, relevant and up to date.

    Google loves content – content that is unique, content that reflects expertise, content that challenges and provokes thought, content that consistently positions a business into the markets that they service or desire to service, content that is new, fresh and dynamic. In short, Google loves content that works!

    View a short video on how the Engage Web Managed Content Service can make a real difference to your business – today!

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