Web Copy: does your copy reel in the customers?

Quality web copy is the foundation of any successful website, but very few businesses have the resources to provide it in-house. The best web copy isn’t just well written; it compels the customer to take action and keeps them coming back for more. However, producing copy to satisfy both the user and the search engines is a difficult task. This is where well-written SEO copywriting comes into its own.

Benefits of Quality Web Copy

Why invest in SEO copywriting?

The Internet is all about content. Your site relies on the written word to communicate with your customers. If the copy on your website isn’t up to a professional standard, then you’re already miles behind your competitors. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and generally incomprehensible writing present an unprofessional front to your online presence – and although, in days gone by, good copy was only about having a good grasp of the English language, the Internet and the search engines mean this just isn’t enough nowadays.

As tempting as it might be to simply copy text from a high-ranking competitor, the search engines are wise to this too and a penalty for duplicate content is best avoided. Search engines are seeking genuine, content-rich pages with relevance to identified search terms. They don’t want to find hidden text, pages stuffed with keywords or other ‘black hat’ SEO techniques that are frowned upon.

SEO copywriting is the multi-disciplinary skill of writing viewable text that will work for the human visitor, but also for the search engine spiders crawling your website pages to identify the important keywords for your search terms.

The layout of your web copy

Writing SEO web copy requires an understanding of how people read online, how to catch and keep their attention, what length works best and how to work SEO keywords or key phrases into text so they appear naturally. This is a long list of requirements and should be factored in with other on-page elements of SEO, such as title tags, headings and alt text.

High quality SEO copywriting means web copy that will survive the test of time and continue to be deemed high quality as the search engines update their algorithms.

The features of quality web copy

At Engage Web, our copywriting services cover a lot of ground, from small chunks of product-specific web copy to regular blogs or news articles. You can chat to us about your specific needs, but here’s what you’ll receive from our highly skilled web copy writing team:

The result? Well written, unique web copy that works for both human visitors and search engine spiders, meaning a raised online profile to develop your business and increase revenue. By working with our team at Engage Web, we can incorporate quality web copy with a range of other SEO techniques that combine to create an online marketing campaign to take your business to the next level.

At Engage Web, we believe that Internet success starts with good SEO copywriting – and web copy is the first step to success.

Is your web copy pleasing both the search engines and your customers?

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