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News Article Writing: are you leading the field in your industry?

The frequency of updates has emerged as a driving factor in a website’s rankings over the last few years. There are many ways you can go about refreshing your site, but one of the ways to establish yourself as a reliable source of information and a real authority in your industry is to boost your news content.

At Engage Web, we provide a range of copywriting services for websites, from regular web copy through to blog writing. News writing is one of the most valuable services we provide, because the resulting articles can be used in a number of ways. Not only can good news content help your search engine optimisation plans, it can also be used to promote your business around the Internet, attracting new links and building your website’s authority in the eyes of the search engines.

news article writing
With our trained writers and journalist-qualified editors, we can help you create the sort of content that Google loves and, with our optimisation skills, you can reap the SEO rewards too. We can publish to your site for you – or supply in a format that suits you at the frequency you need.

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The advantages of aiming for Google News

Most of your energies are likely to be concentrated on featuring highly in Google’s regular listings, but have you ever considered aiming to get into Google News? Google News is a particular area in which businesses aim to feature. Google News is a specific area for Google’s news findings, which may be featured when someone performs a news search, but is also featured in Google’s Universal Search – so as a verified Google News Publisher, your website has the opportunity to hold yet another place on the first page of Google.

The pages used in Google News are specific sites, classified by the search engine as reliable news sources. While it’s certainly not an easy task for a regular business site to be classified as a news source, regular provision of news articles and following the right steps can help you to catch Google’s journalistic eye.

We have helped numerous websites become accepted as a Google News Publisher – see our Google News section for further details.

Being newsworthy can get you places

Google News is not the only area you could be aiming for with news content. In using our news writing services here at Engage Web, you’re also accessing content that can get you noticed around the net. Fresh news content, combined with some off-page search engine optimisation tactics, can see your business featured in industry journals, social media sites, powerful blogs and by other online resources.

Why use news as part of your site’s online plan? At Engage Web, we recognise that there is no single path for every business to gain online attention. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, which can be combined to form the right plan for each individual client. When looking for Internet notoriety, the best approach is usually a combination of a few different angles and techniques, and news writing is just one of these angles. The attention-grabbing nature of news content makes it a particularly attractive option when you’re looking for swift results.

Is your website hitting the headlines yet?

You can talk to our team at Engage Web about the SEO tactics involved in getting Google News attention.


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