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Content Engagement White Paper

The model for communicating is changing from that of broadcasting to one of participation. A person with a smartphone can not only read the news, but contribute to it with comment, testimony, photographs or video footage. Interestingly, the ability to share this news can make you a publisher of sorts, via social channels.

Brands are under scrutiny more than ever before, and even choices made by giants like Microsoft are shaped by their worldwide audience. For example, certain user restrictions on its Xbox One console were lifted following an outcry on social media.

An audience engaged in a brand is a massive advantage for a business – it means ‘likes’ on Facebook and Twitter followers, which in turn leads to advocacy and purchases.

We understand the effects of an engaged audience, but do we know what causes it?

Our ‘Content Engagement’ White Paper looks at the principals of engagement, and how it is achieved in an online world. To download a copy of the white paper, subscribe to our newsletter below. We send out a newsletter once a month, around the first week of the month, and always offer advice and tips about Online marketing and social media. We never pass details to third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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