Blog Writing Services: is blogging in your website’s armoury yet?

Content is one of the greatest secrets of SEO – and here at Engage Web, we’re happy to shout about it. One of the best ways to feed content onto your website is to create a blog. A blog doesn’t require technical knowledge to update it, but it does need to be set up and maintained in the right way to gain the full SEO benefits.

Why write a blog?

Blog writing has been around since just about the dawn of the Internet, but it has taken until recently for businesses to switch on to its marketing potential. Blogging used to conjure images of teenagers ranting in their own personal online journal, but not any longer. Nowadays, many business websites use blogs to attract customers, build their online reputation and, most importantly, build on their position with the search engines.

About Blogs

Blogs and SEO

At Engage Web, we love blog writing because it’s such a great tool for SEO. It’s perfect for search engine optimisation because it provides a continuous stream of fresh content onto your pages, encouraging faster indexing from the search engines, giving better rankings for long tail keyword searches and providing greater strength and more entry points to your website whilst generating better brand awareness.

A blog also allows a more open and friendly tone than a standard corporate website might allow, giving your business more credibility – and it’s a great way to easily publish company news, offers and to attract links to your website.

The #1 blog mistake businesses make

As the reputation of blogs has increased, many businesses have set out to get their own blog – and many have started blogging in their business’ name on other branded blogging websites, such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com. Although this can have its merits under certain circumstances, in most cases all the business is doing is unintentionally benefiting the blog website rather than their own. At Engage Web, we can help you get started with your own company blog. We can ensure it is optimised to help your website and your online marketing efforts.

What sort of content should I put on my blog?

Building a regular audience of a blog means it’s important to remember to post to a regular schedule; this can be difficult for businesses whose time is best spent on their core business and this is why we can not only set up and optimise a branded blog for you, but if you wish we can also provide quality blogs, edited by journalist-qualified editors, and we can ensure your blog is published regularly – even on Christmas Day!

Some businesses simply don’t have time to maintain a blogging schedule, and that’s where our copywriting team comes in at Engage Web. We have a team of experienced and professional writers who can create content to order. Whether you want short articles or longer ones, a regular batch or just something to tide you over in busy periods, our blog writing services can provide you with content that suits your style and your business. We highly recommend incorporating regular blog content provision into your regular SEO plan.

Getting content from Engage Web doesn’t mean you can’t add your own posts too. A big advantage of obtaining content from our professional writers is that it frees your time to focus on your core business. Instead of having to squeeze blog writing into your busy schedule, resulting in posts that are a little under par, you can rely on our professional writers and editors to provide you with a steady stream of content, leaving you time to compose your own posts in a relaxed way when it suits you.

Using your blog in-house

At Engage Web, our team can provide your staff with training on how to use the blog, add images, links and other content. We can also advise you on the legal issues to bear in mind, and best practices to help you to align your blog with the search engines.

Quality is key for online content

It really can’t be said enough. Adding content to your site is a pointless endeavour unless it’s quality content. This is why at Engage Web our copywriting services offer training for your staff and/or writing from our expert writers and journalist trained editors.

We know from experience that keywords just aren’t enough to get into the top of the search listings. Although the technicalities of your search engine optimisation plan are an important part of the process, the creation of interesting, informative content answers the needs of your target audience.

Is your business talking to your target audience yet?

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