Content writers should tell a story

Content writers should tell a story

Narrative is everywhere and is as old as the hills, having existed ever since men sat around fires in the darkness. The human need to find out what will happen next is strong, as the popularity of TV soaps demonstrates. Stories are entertaining and moving, and web content that shares these characteristics is extremely powerful.

Tales can be told in the smallest of ways, and real-life examples, case histories and testimonials on websites all qualify. In fact, stories can be found in most areas of a website, including the often-neglected ‘About Us’ page which may be used to great effect to describe how a company was formed. Maybe, once, a Russian physicist fell in love with a Lancashire cheesemaker and the two hatched an amazing business plan. Then perhaps there was an amazing series of events that led up to the development of the Unusual Widget, the latest must-have product based on Grandma’s old recipe for left-over fish scrapings.

Even if there is just a snippet of a tale it can be enough to involve people, intrigue them, tickle their fancy, and hopefully make them want to return. If all a story does is make its readers care, that is also useful, because then they might care about what you do and who you are, and they may decide to try out a service or product that you offer. Perhaps they might even tell someone else about you. Hiring professional article writers ensures you are not left out of the story.

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