Content without SEO – is it OK?

Content without SEO – is it OK?

As one of my many tests as I do my daily work, I have been testing a site with content but no SEO.

There have been very little on-page SEO tags added, other than title, H1 and the text itself.  No off-page SEO has been done, with only a few links from social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Technorati.

So, how well has it done?

Well, I have been quite surprised.  There are no description and keyword tags in the pages, no doc type declaration at the head of the file, yet Google loves the site and pages are indexed very well indeed with some good rankings.

The site is a bit of a secret at the moment and I am protecting it because of competition reasons, but my findings are that content even without the most basic of SEO application can still prove to be very successful indeed.

Long live content!

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