Content with your content?

Content with your content?

Sometimes we talk to people who understand that adding fresh content will help them greatly in Google.   They also know how to do it, and even have the time to write fresh news.  However, they do not always want to do it, and on occasion may put it off for a day – I mean how much can missing one day hurt?  But then it may go to two days here or there, then before you know it, even though you think you are doing a decent job of keeping your site updated, you have gaps of 3 or 4 days with no updates, or even more!

This is because content is a distraction for most people.  Unless you have someone whose job it is to add new content to a site everyday, other things will come first. Lets face it, not everyone wants to spend their time researching and writing a new article everyday.

This is where we come in.  We have people who like writing articles.  More than that, they are good at writing them the articles as well.  We can offer that peace of mind of knowing that your website is going to be updated daily.  Remember, Google doesn’t care that you were busy on Friday and didn’t get round to writing anything for your website.

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