Why content marketing differs from search engine optimisation

Why content marketing differs from search engine optimisation

In a way, content marketing and SEO can be thought of as being interwoven, but you need to realise where one ends and the other begins if you’re going to get the most from either or both.

An overview

Content marketing is about offering people content that they regard as “valuable”. The form of the content does not really matter – it may be educational, or it may be purely entertaining. The main point is you’re giving them something they desire in return for an opportunity to enhance your brand or make a soft pitch.

SEO, on the other hand, is concerned with increasing the ranking of your website in search engines, based on how they perceive the relevance and authority of your website news feed or other content. You may, for example, use an SEO copywriting service to create content that appeals to a particular niche to improve your relevance and authority.

So, how are they different?

Both these strategies deal with content, albeit with different goals, so how do they differ? After all, good content has a positive effect on SEO by providing a medium for keywords and encouraging organic backlinks.

In short, SEO drives visitors to a website, but it doesn’t help you once they are there. Content marketing, meanwhile, tries to engage with potential customers once they are there.

If your content is, for example, based on particular keywords that will help your rankings, you’re probably engaging at the SEO end of the spectrum. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on what your users want so you can attract them into a conversation, you’re tending more towards content marketing.

Despite these differences, there’s always going to be an overlap between content marketing and SEO, so a key challenge is to find a suitable balance for your strategy.

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