Content marketers increasingly turning to AI

Content marketers increasingly turning to AI

It may sound like science fiction, but artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality for content marketing, although very few companies already use it. This is changing, however.

A SurveyMonkey poll asked 252 primarily US-based market leaders to assess how likely they were to use AI or deep learning to refine their content marketing strategies. Over half of respondents (57.1%) said they were not likely to use AI this year. This is hardly surprising given that AI is an emergent phenomenon in content marketing, yet a substantial minority had other ideas.

While only 2.8% of companies said they already employed AI in their content endeavours, almost a third (31.4%) assessed their chances of using AI in the future as ‘somewhat likely’. A further 8.7% of respondents went a step further and said they were very likely to use AI.

So, where does AI fit in with content marketing? While some automatic generation of content is possible, it’s not yet time to fire your team of freelance writers or news content provider. Automation generally only works well for very simple stories, such as sporting or market updates. What AI can do, however, is guide your content creation and how it’s delivered to users.

For example, if you have a large website news feed, AI can determine which stories are most likely to interest individual readers and hide the stories they would be more likely to ignore. Predictive intelligence, meanwhile, can be used to better understand consumers and guide the production of more personalised content that will engage them. It also helps establish where these consumers are on the journey to making a purchase, so you can focus your content on the best prospects.

AI is not about replacing your writers and other content generators—it’s about using them more effectively.

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