Content is the key to 21st century marketing

Content is the key to 21st century marketing

Back in the days before the internet, the art of marketing included billboards, posters and general branding.

This sort of marketing doesn’t cut the mustard on the World Wide Web however.  People do not flock to the internet in their millions because they want to see poster-type marketing, such as image ads and pop-ups – that’s why they have pop-up blockers and are fast becoming image-blind.  The reason the internet became so popular and the way in which you need to attract your audience is that whatever information the user wants can be found on the internet.  That’s why they call it the information highway.

So, if you want your marketing to be successful on the internet, you need to give the user what they’re looking for.  That means information-rich, interesting and relevant content for your industry.  If you give the user what they want then they will find your website.

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