Content is so simple isn’t it?

Content is so simple isn’t it?

Some people, having talked to us think that our product is ‘too simple’. They confuse ‘simple’ with ‘easy’ however in some cases and this causes a problem for them. Simple ideas are not always easy to implement we say.

We agree, our product is simple in essence, but very difficult in practice and this falls in line with the methodology of one of our founding members principles of gaining great success in Google.

He calls it ‘SEO Zip Theory‘ which means that the harder something is to maintain, the more impact it has on site rankings in Google.

Lets take a look at it:

1) Changing of H1 tags, meta tags – very easy to do and these days doesnt have as much impact on rankings as it once did.

Verdict: Easy to do, little impact on rankings.

2) Link building – more difficult to do, but because of new ways to ‘cheat’ the system, its force has gradually been downgraded and *could* eventually be made fruitless unless your site is full of useful information.

Verdict: Still powerful, especially if you have a site full of great content. Linking alone is not a good long-term strategy however.

3) Fresh, daily, unique and consistent content – its extremely labour intensive to create fresh content day after day after day, which is why it has so much impact upon search rankings over the lifetime of a site. Wikipedia anyone?

Verdict: Simple idea, very hard to master. Adding unique content on a daily basis is a way to build up your site profile within your industry and help Google to believe you as the expert in your industry.

Why not let Stuck On help you to become the Wikipedia in your industry?

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