Content is more than words

Content is more than words

Content for websites is more than just words on a page. Even SEO content, which by its very definition you would expect it to be copywriting, can be more than words. SEO content can include images, photos and videos.

For example, many websites (including SEO blogs) make use of videos in their posts. This isn’t just to add a bit of flavour to the posts, or to break up the use of words. Videos, especially videos from YouTube, have a much more impactful effect than that.

When you link to a video on YouTube, it shows up on the YouTube video’s page as a link – which creates a link back to your video. Good videos (usually funny ones) generate interest from people watching them and they often link back to the page that they find them on. This could be YouTube, or it could be your website. It’s not unheard of for a website to feature a YouTube video and then receive tens of thousands of visits because of that video.

You could even go a stage further and create your own YouTube channel, and every video you add can feature a well written description that also links back to your website. The copy used in the description is of course very important, so SEO copywriting services should be used for this to maximise the effect of your videos.

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