Content improves your traffic through longtail search

Content improves your traffic through longtail search

It’s very important with your website that you keep an eye on your rankings within the major search engines, as high rankings for your most important keywords can bring you a lot of traffic. However, equally important is the level of longtail searches that bring you traffic, and this can be achieved through content rather than conventional on-page SEO methods.

For example, if your website sells widgets you can optimise your homepage for widgets easy enough, but if those widgets come in hundreds of different colours? You can’t optimise your homepage for blue widgets, green widgets and every other colour of widget available.

With content added to your website on a regular basis you can not only optimise for the colour of the widgets you sell, but for their uses as well. For example, someone may search for ‘the best green widget to use in the garden’. That’s a very specific search and one that you can’t optimise for with SEO, but you can with content.

Plus, if your content addresses the specific query of the search you’re more likely to make a sale or conversion as your content is perfectly targeted towards the user.

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