Content ideas – where do they come from?

Content ideas – where do they come from?

OK, so you are suffering from writer’s block.  You need to get some new content on your site today because thats what Stuck On says – and you know that they will get mad if you dont do it – what do you do?

You can do a number of things (these aren’t the normal things you usually get in blog posts):

  • Go to the shops and buy a magazine loosely related to your topic
  • Read a few blogs around your industry
  • Ask your friends what do they think about your industry from what you have told them
  • Search for forum posts about your industry
  • Go and have a sandwich and think how tough it was to learn about your industry when you started
  • Read the business section of your local paper to see what companies are around

Doing these kind of ‘off the wall’ type things help to loosen the brain when you are trying to write new stuff.  Getting out of your daily routine will help you to have a few different thoughts and should fill you with creative juices.

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