Is your content human enough?

Is your content human enough?

It’s easy to start publishing content these days, especially through a blog or website news feed, but is it human enough? Publishers are growing increasingly dependent on automated tools, and sure, many of these simply eliminate repetitive, mundane tasks, but we now have services offering automatically generated written content for search engine optimisation (SEO) practices.

Of course, SEO techniques can play a role in improving your visibility to Google, Bing, and so on, but if content doesn’t connect on a human level, it’s not going to be effective content marketing. Is machine-generated content ever going to kindle a connection with a human being?

It’s been pointed already that good content marketing is much like storytelling. The best storytellers use their own experiences and relate them in a way that resonates with the audience. They may add hand gestures, vocal variations, and facial expressions as they recite their tales to add to the atmosphere and draw the audience in further. Content marketing seeks to make this same connection, but you first need to project a relatable human image of your organisation.

The problem isn’t limited to machine-generated content of course. Some SEO copywriting services use non-native English writers, and while some may have a good technical command of the language, they likely lack the fluency to connect on an emotional level. Even many native English writers lack the ability or inclination to do this.

So, how do you ensure your content is human enough? If you use freelancers, you need to screen them individually to ensure they can tell your story in the way you want. The process should go easier with a copywriting service, though, because you can relate your requirements once and rely on the project manager to relay this to writers.

With a good team behind you, the results will come more easily.

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