Content for Christmas: The gift that keeps on giving!

Content for Christmas: The gift that keeps on giving!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and generous with your gifts of course. When getting a Christmas gift for your website, the gift of content is one that keeps on giving.

What do we mean by this?

If you give your website some content, either written by yourself or from a content supplier or SEO copywriter, your website will not only benefit from it in the short term, it will keep benefiting from it for as long as it exists. Content isn’t just a ‘give once’ and forget gift, the right piece of content on your website can attract traffic, new customers and sales for your website years after it has been written.

The same couldn’t be said for other forms of Internet marketing. For example:

Email marketing
This really is a one shot deal. You write the email, send it, receive positive responses or negative ones, and then it is done. You won’t receive any comeback from email marketing weeks, months and years later.

Link buying
This is one of those presents that has a short shelf life. It’ll be a novelty at first, but soon its impact will wear off. You’ll find that to keep it fresh you’ll have to spend more money renewing it and updating it as it proves a constant drain on your finances.

Ah now, surely we’re not going to knock SEO? Yes, we are. For SEO is great, wonderful, all powerful – yet it too needs constant love; like a puppy. Without care, attention and maintenance, your SEO can quickly become sick, and outdated. As algorithms change, your SEO needs to adapt with it – therefore you cannot simply do your SEO once and leave it to fend for itself.

With content however, once it’s there on your website it will be there forever. It will always attract visitors, links and generate sales for your business. Content truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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