Content creation on the rise on LinkedIn

    Posted on July 2, 2020


    Business networking site LinkedIn has seen a surge in content creation, with content consumption and engagement between its users also seeing an increase compared to the same period of last year.

    According to Srividya Gopani, LinkedIn’s Director of Brand and Consumer Marketing, users of the site have been spending their time during lockdown finding ways to enhance their professional lives. Gopani states that there is a 60% increase in content creation on the site when compared to 12 months ago. Furthermore, she details that users are commenting, reacting and replying more as they reconnect with their network of connections by sharing advice, tips, looking for jobs and generally supporting each other through the current climate.

    Time being spent on the site’s online courses has also increased in recent times, according to Gopani, with watch time on these resources totalling four million hours just in March 2020 alone.

    LinkedIn has also recently published a report that looks at the site’s current key trends, analysing what type of content is being created and consumed. The report shows that there were spikes in engagement on content mentioning business continuity (up 144%), cloud-based services (78%), video streaming (71%), cybersecurity (66%), and remote working (52%). As well as this, the report highlights that the hashtags #Leadership and #Marketing rank within the top five on the platform as of April.

    It is perhaps unsurprising that remote working is one of the topics that has seen a huge surge in content creation as the coronavirus pandemic pushes many businesses to operate at home. The number of articles mentioning this subject has risen by 391%. This content is also in demand as the number of searches for the phrase has increased three times over.

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    Alan Littler

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