Content combination of news and insight works

Content combination of news and insight works

One of the things that we actively encourage from our clients is for them to also contribute to any kind of news service that we create for them.

Yes, we will create newsworthy articles based around their industry so that they get picked up on by Google and act as linkbait.  However, its also very important now and again for that expert among our client staff to write an article of some kind reflecting his/her role in the industry or the amount of work that he/she has put in over the years.

An article such as “How I got in to the air conditioning industry” will contain enough elements naturally for it to be considered a good read by others in the industry, even getting some backlinks along the way.

So, what we are saying is to build upon the good work done by Stuck On.  Yes, we are great (big heads! – Ed), but we also know that what is inside your heads is a great read too.

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