Content: believe it or not, sometimes, less is more

Content: believe it or not, sometimes, less is more

Welcome to the Internet. It’s upside-down land. Doughnuts fall from the skies, trees grow leaves under ground and dogs walk people down the virtual streets of Liverpool. Become spellbound by the splendiferous things here you could never imagine. Oh, the amazing and fantastical world of the Internet!

Okay, maybe that’s taking things too far – but there is at least one thing that is in reverse on the internet.

In business, it’s often thought that bigger is better. When it comes to the informative pages of your website, though, small can sometimes wins out. Your content must look the right length for internet users to make the decision to read.

SEO experts will often discuss the need for concise sentences and controlled content length, but this gives a slightly wrong impression. It’s not the word count of your text, but the visual impact of your page that will decide whether an internet user stays or goes. If reading your text looks like it’s a time investment, users may decide to try another page. This is why it’s important to review page visuals before posting.  If you do have lots of points to address, consider breaking them down under subheadings or breaking them up into separate pages.

For search engine optimisation, getting users to stay on your pages is essential. Without good time-on-page stats, your conversions may take a dive. Assessing your pages after they’ve been laid out is one of the more important SEO jobs. An ideal page is one with short paragraphs, lots of space and minimal need for scrolling.

As for the doughnuts falling and dogs walking people, just look on YouTube. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

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