Content begets links

Content begets links

It’s one of the big debates in SEO; should I buy links? Google will tell you no. Any site that sells links can be penalised for it, both in terms of a PageRank penalty and a drop in the effect of link juice that is passed from the website.

However, despite the risks and the fact that Google considers it a taboo, people still opt for link buying as a means to bolster their SEO efforts. It is an unnecessary risk though, as link buying isn’t required when you can build links for free by adding content to your website.

Good quality content, when written correctly, in the right style, and interesting enough, actually helps your website build links as people link to you automatically. Building links via content is better than doing so buying paying for links because:

  • The links are free
  • They’re not rented, so can be permanent
  • They’re natural, so worth more than purchased links
  • It’s a genuine ‘vote’ for your site based on your content
  • It’s what Google wants to see!

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