Content and SEO: art, science or magic?

Content and SEO: art, science or magic?

Many salesmen on the Web offer to impart the magical secret of how to make the writing on your website work for SEO; usually this is in exchange for a substantial fee. While it can be tempting to believe that a magic formula exists, the truth is that optimising content for SEO requires a shred of science, a dab of intuition and a large amount of experience in order to succeed.

Content has to be readable above all, and intuition and experience can be used to produce writing that entertains and conveys information clearly. Experience is also required concerning the underlying rules governing grammar, spelling and punctuation. Breaking these rules means words which would have been read avidly may instead provide an irritating experience for the reader, being littered with clunky errors in an effort to cram in set keywords. This could lead to an otherwise interesting piece of writing being rejected on the grounds that it is too annoying to bother with. The web page will not be revisited, recommended or linked to, and the potential for SEO falls steeply.

The science of using keywords and placing them appropriately within text is generally added to a readable and well-written piece in order to complete the package for SEO. Art and science are thus combined to produce a page which may well appear magically successful in terms of SEO. Experienced SEO copywriters and article writers will have the skills required to do this and it can be a smart move to use their services to create the content for your website.

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