Content and Google News

Content and Google News

Add good quality regular content to your website is important for SEO, and for user’s experience on your website, but if your content is of a certain standard you may be able to become a Google News publisher.

Google runs a news service that aggregates stories from contributing websites and offers them on the Google News platform, and on the main search page listings for popular phrases. Becoming a Google News publisher will give you a huge boost in traffic as you can rank for highly competitive keywords when they are at their most topical.

Being in Google News also means that you’ll pick up a lot of backlinks because there are millions of websites that use Google News feeds to provide them with content. So if your website is about Internet Marketing and you write about SEO, you’ll get links on websites that have a feed about SEO.

As mentioned earlier though, the quality of your content is what is really important. Simply copying content from other websites won’t do. You need to have well written copy, with good grammar and published regularly.

It’s one of the best forms of Internet Marketing you can do though.

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