Company barbeque sets Google on fire

Company barbeque sets Google on fire

Google may be the leading search engine but they proved this past week that they are not ‘inflammable’, or rather, are inflammable… you get the gist of the attempted pun.

This past bank holiday weekend would have seen families all over the country enjoying barbeques in the sporadic good weather. A company barbeque at Google’s HQ in London however went wrong as the building caught fire, causing the fire brigade to be called.

5,000 Google employees had to be evacuated from their offices on Buckingham Palace Road in south west London, with four fire engines responding to the blaze caused by a barbeque on the roof.

A spokeswoman for Google said that no Google employees had been harmed in the fire and everyone made it out OK.

All I know is that there was a barbecue on a roof terrace on one of the Google floors.

We have all been moved away from the building and we are waiting for the fire brigade to tell us when we can go back in.

As ever in the Internet age, news of Google catching fire broke on the net first, with people from the building opposite breaking the news via Twitter within seconds of it happening. Of course, it didn’t help that the building opposite contained the offices of the Telegraph.

One Tweet said:

There’s a tree on fire on one of Google office roof terraces across the road.

It seems you can’t do anything in this world without the Internet knowing about it and spreading the news like wild fire, an analogy that Google could do without right now.

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