Comments feature for Facebook Pages updated

Comments feature for Facebook Pages updated

A new feature which will help Facebook Page owners to control how comments are displayed is to be activated shortly. Any comments which are left that are deemed to be abusive or irrelevant can be filtered out. As comments posted on a public Page may be published using a newsfeed to interested parties, the new feature will be welcomed by Page owners.

Profiles with over 10,000 followers will receive the new feature automatically on 10th July, while profiles with less than 10,000 followers can choose to opt-in for the feature. Although the comments feature is only available on Facebook’s desktop version, it will become available for mobile and Graph API at a future date. The feature will make it possible to keep the most engaging comments at the top of the posts, keeping people visiting the site interested. If a Page owner up-votes a comment, it will be pushed to the top so that any comments which aren’t as welcome will be moved down in the pecking order.

Comments which are labelled as spam will be moved down, and people who repeatedly post it face being downgraded by Facebook. The conversations on a Page will be displayed to visitors according to relevance. For instance, if someone has left a comment and is connected to a user viewing the Page, that comment will be pushed to the top. This feature will help business owners to create a Page which will have a positive affect on users, building an interest in the brand.

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