Clever content writers choose keywords with care

Clever content writers choose keywords with care

It is shouted from the rooftops in the world of SEO that choosing the right keywords and being rated highly for them are crucial if web content is going to succeed. Yet some people still make the mistake of trying to compete with other websites for those popular search terms that are most frequently entered into search engines. Rather than trying to beat thousands of other companies, some of whom may be large, successful corporations with a lot more money to throw at the problem, it can be more productive to examine what are known as long tail search queries, which actually make up the bulk of total searches performed each day.

The long tail element of search incorporates all those terms which are used infrequently and, at the extreme end, maybe only a few times ever. It is even possible that some search queries in the long tail might have only been used once. What is important about these keywords is that, when taken as a whole, they account for most of the searches in a given subject area, and there will be patterns of word use relating them to one another even though each individual search term may appear quite distinct.

Various keyword research tools can be used to discover long tail phrases, and the content of competitors’ sites and blogs can be scrutinised for them. Once the most commonly occurring words and word groups have been determined, a skilled SEO copywriter will be able to incorporate them into web content.

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