Clever content from PPC campaigns

Clever content from PPC campaigns

If you come from an SEO background like we do at Stuck On, you will undoubtably have seen some awful pay per click (ppc) campaigns as part (or the whole of a company’s) web strategy.

One thing that we learned early on about PPC was the fact that it came down to two main words – ‘care’ and ‘attention’.

I have seen campaigns worked on by the largest SEO companies in the UK that just toddled along not really doing much for the client, but helped the bank balance of the company running the campaign.  In fact, I have seen it so many times and often find it embarassing to explain to the people that I am meeting with that they are currently wasting an awful lot of money.

A thing that most companies dont do is get under the skin of their client and really start to play some strategic content games with the PPC angle to their marketing channels.  Yes, running a normal, profitable campaign is paramount, but a small percentage of the campaign should be built around whacky, social bookmarking-attracting adverts and content.

You can be like one of the rest, or you can use the (admittedly very small) content areas of a PPC campaign to really help your client and build an organic and social bookmarking presence.

Care and attention – remember those words.  If you have those, you then have the chance to really do something for a client that is special.

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