Clarity beats confusion in terms of SEO

Clarity beats confusion in terms of SEO

How often do you begin to read the content of a website and realise after several paragraphs that it really does not make sense? The topic might be fascinating, a subject about which you are quite keen to read, but the writing is impenetrable.

Sometimes an even worse experience occurs, when the writer has come up with a title that promises the earth, but it quickly becomes apparent that he or she really has nothing new to say about an issue and the content is merely gloss, without much substance at all. In this case, it is the title which is misleading, but however confusion occurs, it certainly does not make readers want to revisit or link to a website and is therefore quite unhelpful for SEO.

Writing clearly might seem like an easy task, but it can be difficult avoiding ambiguity and finding ways of explaining ideas so that they make as much sense to the reader as they seem to when floating around in the writer’s head. Objectively judging how clear a piece of content might be requires the skill of being able to imagine oneself in the reader’s position. Sometimes writers achieve this by putting a written piece aside for a little while before returning to it with fresh and critical eyes. Content writers and SEO copywriters often work for agencies, where their work will be edited by other professionals before being sent to clients, and this can be an extra safeguard against the common problem of confusing copy and its negative impact in terms of SEO.

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