Citroën social media experiment a success

Citroën social media experiment a success

Fans of Citroën have designed the newly launched version of its best selling city car. Plans for the new C1 Connexion were revealed in 2012 on Facebook, inviting design submissions from the site’s users. The car manufacturer used its page to crowdsource specifications for the limited edition vehicle, and put to use some of the 24,000 submissions it received.

The badge for the Citroën C1 Connexion sports model has been custom designed by a Facebook user named Claire. The logo received 60 per cent of the Facebook votes, making her design the most popular. Although the car started out as an experiment of social media, it is now for sale as a two or five door version. The basic car is a C1 1.0i manual. The designs submitted on Facebook resulted in a black car with details in scarlet red, with alloy wheels and tinted windows. In addition to the basic features there are additional extras available, including customized carpets. Like any special edition of a motor vehicle, the C1 Connexion cost slightly more than the standard model.

This experiment demonstrates the power that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter now have to reach into the homes of users everywhere and yield real results. Citroën has demonstrated a willingness to listen to its customers and respond, which is a vital part of any search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. The gauntlet has been thrown down to other car manufacturers to better the French company’s efforts.

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