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Many companies these days are seeking more traffic and better search rankings for their websites but, without a certain set of skills and expertise, it can be difficult to achieve this.That is where we come in at Engage Web. With years of experience in online marketing – including the search engine optimisation, or SEO, knowhow needed to make a site much more visible – we can help our clients to improve their online presence in a number of effective ways. One important factor in creating online success is web design, as a website needs to be easy to use and appealing in order to provide results. Fortunately, as part of our complete package of services, we offer first-rate web design here in Cheshire.

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Using local professionals

For businesses based in the area, it makes sense to use a company providing web design in Cheshire. Communication is often easier with a local firm; it makes processes more straightforward when discussing exactly what type of service is needed. Whether a business is large or small, an online presence is increasingly essential and having a poorly-designed website can turn potential customers away. When designing a site, it is extremely important for it to be simple to use, with a logical structure and clear navigation to help customers move around and find the information they need. It also helps if a website looks appealing, as people are more likely to respond well to a site that they find attractive, to feel more relaxed when using it and thus find it easier to use. This has been backed up by research, which has found people’s emotional responses to attractive designs were so powerful that they actually encountered fewer difficulties when using pleasant-looking websites, compared with equally functional but unattractive ones.

A responsive design means greater response

These days, so many people access the internet using such a wide range of devices that a website is likely to be at a distinct disadvantage if it can only be viewed on a limited number of them. That is where responsive design can revolutionise a site. Responsive web design creates websites that can adapt according to the device on which they are viewed. This means that, whatever the screen size and orientation, and the user’s operating system and browser, the website will switch itself automatically to accommodate them. Factors such as the screen resolution, orientation and image sizes can be changed, and the layout is generally flexible so that it can look just as impressive on an iPhone as it does on a desktop computer.

At Engage Web, our expertise in SEO, social media and other internet marketing strategies will all help to bring more customers to a website. Once they arrive, web design is extremely important in retaining their attention and encouraging them to interact with the site. For companies looking for web design in Cheshire, we can provide not only that service but also the full package of internet marketing approaches, combined into a plan tailor-made for each organisation. If your company is seeking web design services, including responsive web design in Cheshire, call now and find out what we can do to help your business succeed.

When you need advice on search engine optimisation tactics, PPC plans or any other form of web marketing, contact our team at Engage Web. We can help with a wide variety of services, whether it’s SEO itself, copywriting for web copy or regular news articles and blogs, or even YouTube filming; so call us on 0345 621 4321 for an informal chat.

Our team will be happy to help you plan your approach to the web and help with your website’s needs.

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