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Digital Marketing in Cheshire

Most businesses know that the internet is important for marketing, but few businesses are aware of just how important a quality, thorough Digital Marketing plan can be. For businesses in Cheshire, being known online can mean the difference between attracting local and national business, or sinking into the background.

Marketing for local Cheshire business

Many Cheshire business owners think of marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation and PPC as measures to be taken when marketing on a big scale, but this is not so. Knowing the right Digital Marketing tricks can help establish a business both locally and further abroad.

There are fewer businesses in Cheshire that can survive on offline marketing alone nowadays because people are relying more and more on the internet for their information. Cheshire’s tourism industry, for example, relies heavily on internet coverage to draw the crowds to specific businesses. Although Cheshire enjoys a strong tourism trade, with the medieval architecture of Chester and surrounds attracting many historical sightseers each year, individual businesses make use of links to local tourism websites and individual advertising.


When attracting local attention is the aim, the business website should be the first stop. Web design is not the only important concern here. A good local strategy should cover local business directories, local publications and, most importantly, Google. Appearing high on Google’s results is just as important for attracting local business as it is for broader business, and so specialised local SEO techniques should be considered.

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Reaching across boundaries

Digital Marketing can help establish a business beyond local boundaries as well. In world terms, when people think of Cheshire, also known as the County of Chester, they think of its famous cheese, its countryside and its loose connection with Wonderland-related cats. From a more local perspective though, this north-west county, bordered to the north by Greater Manchester and Merseyside, and on the border of Wales, supports all types of industries. To reach out to the greater UK, and to the world, a good search engine optimization plan is an absolute must, and it should form the foundations for the business’s Digital Marketing.

Optimising a website for national and international coverage is slightly different from local SEO, and this is something that can be discussed with us at Engage Web. Other supports for this type of Digital Marketing plan include pay per click advertising and social media campaigns. For best results, the campaign should be individually tailored to the needs of the business.

Which plan is the right plan?

Not every business wishes to attract both national and local attention. For Cheshire companies looking to improve business, a local campaign can be a cost-effective way to start their Digital Marketing strategy, with a broader, national campaign expanded upon later. The scope of every Digital Marketing campaign truly depends on the needs of the business being marketed. What is without doubt, however, is that the internet does need to be targeted to be successful in today’s business world. Regardless of the industry they serve, Cheshire businesses need to consider their Digital Marketing strategies today.

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