Check your stats, then write your articles

Check your stats, then write your articles

It’s almost like a chicken and the egg thing, which comes first; your traffic or your content?

Maybe it’s not quite chicken and egg, because your content comes first, obviously, but without traffic you don’t know what people are searching for in order to target your content to their searches.

What do we mean by this? Simply put, if you check your analytics regularly you’ll notice phrases that people are searching for which have brought you traffic. They may be phrases you’ve optimised for or they may be phrases that you haven’t even thought about, yet because you’ve mentioned them in your content, you’re ranking for them.

Have a look and see what phrases are bringing traffic to your website from Google, then search Google to see where you rank for those phrases. If you find you’re ranking on page 2, or the bottom of page 1, and you haven’t even optimised for them, then should start!

You can write another post, using that exact search phrase as your post title, and then use the phrase again in the article itself, linking back to the first post. This will push both posts up the rankings, and make your site rank even higher for that phrase. If you’re getting traffic without optimising for it, imagine how much traffic you’ll get when you start optimising for it!

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