Celebrity scandal boosts users of social media

Celebrity scandal boosts users of social media

Alleged celebrity scandal is thought to be responsible for a huge jump in numbers of users on social networking sites. The number of Twitter users jumped by a third in May, following the issue of gagging orders. According to a survey carried out by UKOM/Nielson, the number of Twitter users rose to 6.1 million as the details of alleged scandals involving footballer Ryan Giggs and other celebrities hit the sites.

The scandals also appear to have attracted record numbers of people over the age of 50, resulting in Facebook figures overtaking Microsoft last month. During May, Microsoft had 26.2 million visitors, while Facebook raced ahead with 26.8 million. The search engine giant, Google had 33.9 million visitors. The general manager of UKOM, James Smythe believes that the surge in visitors is due to increased activity on social networking sites by the over 50’s.

Another site to benefit from increased users is Linkedln, the business networking site, with the number of users rising 57 percent to 3.6 million in the United Kingdom. The number of visitors to Facebook increased in other areas, with visits from United States users rising by 12 percent and rising in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Twitter visits had also risen in all areas except Germany, where they dropped by 11 percent.

Social networking sites are an important aspect of search engine optimisation, enabling a business to reach out to a far larger audience. Whether you live in Cheshire or Chicago, you should ensure social media plays an important role in your SEO campaign.

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