Celebrate National Boring Day

Celebrate National Boring Day

It’s National Boring Day! Time to put away that list of inspired pieces of content. Tell your writers to just hammer out any old thing and give your marketing team free rein to blast your site full of mind-numbingly direct tactics. Oh frabjous day, caloo, calay, for National Boring Day is here!

Isn’t it great? The SEO world is so much better since the search engines declared one day a year off from creative tactics. Even Internet users are inclined to be kind to boring material on this one special day of the year as they put aside their usual discerning palettes in favour of liking any old tosh they see and read.

At long last, site owners can relax their efforts to get interesting content on their pages and employ SEO tactics in any subtle way. At long last there is a day that acknowledges that businesses have to squeeze 16 long-tail keywords into a 250-word piece of content to satisfy their SEO requirements. At long last, acceptance that the most important thing is for a website to contain technicalities, rather than meaningful and interesting information.

Of course, after this holiday, everyone will have to return to that frustrating routine of genuinely making their websites better. It will be hard, going back to the old search engine optimisation standards of quality over spam, but we can do it. As long as we all know that we have at least one day a year to be absolutely boring with our websites without endangering our hard SEO work, we can make it.

National Boring Day: Right before Christmas, two days after Cake Doesn’t Really Contain Calories Day, on the 14th of Funktober.

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