Carden Park Adventure for Team Building Day 2022

Carden Park Adventure for Team Building Day 2022

Yesterday, we had our annual team building day with the location kept a secret until we arrived, with three members of the team – Gab, Nick and Georgie – experiencing it for the first time.

This year, we went to Carden Park again, but this time to complete some brand new activities we didn’t do last year!

For the morning part of the day we stayed indoors, and we had our yearly company update, with a few activities in between. These included writing down and sharing our favourite things and our personal goals.

After this, Alan planned a game in which we were all stranded on a desolate island and had to choose what items from the plane crash were the most important to have, right through to the least important item. We then to decide what role everyone had, which included a team leader, chef, first aider and escape planner.

Another activity we did was Pictionary, with us split into two teams, with Georgie, John, Nick and I on one team, and Emily, Alan, Gab and Darren on the other team. Nick and Darren did the drawing while the other team members guessed. A run of correct guesses meant the competition ended in a tie.

In the afternoon, after lunch in the hotel, we first tried air rifle shooting with some test runs, and then some targets – with me getting a bullseye! Inevitably for an event on the Welsh border, this included a short break in the middle due to the rain.

After this, we had a Segway adventure, firstly doing some practice runs then some obstacles, then a trip around part of the estate, and then a race around the track to see who could complete it the quickest, with Nick winning with a time of 24 seconds.

After this, we all put on some gear and tackled an altitude assault course with a wide range of challenges, with even ultra-competitive Darren getting stuck on one of the challenges. Sadly, I didn’t take part in this as my nerves got the better of me. After this, to get down from the assault course, we did a zip wire, which after some hesitation I did actually complete, and would love to do again in the future.

Overall, we all had an amazing day out which enabled us all to get to know each other even more outside of work, allowing us to work together outside of the office and helping us conquer our fears – especially my own with the zip wire!

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