Can content marketing help your recruitment efforts?

Can content marketing help your recruitment efforts?

It’s well known that content marketing can help drive long-term sales, but did you realise that it can also be used to attract the right employees to your organisation? This is especially valuable if you there is intense completion in your sector for top talent.

Why content marketing works for recruitment

Content marketing helps recruitment in a number of practical ways. Firstly, it informs potential job applicants about your company’s culture, values, and expectations. This will help to attract applicants with similar ideals while discouraging those who may have trouble fitting in. It also allows applicants to prepare better for interviews, resulting in a more productive and in-depth conversation.

Secondly, content marketing can help build brand awareness and establish you as an authority. Just as with customers, employees prefer to associate with a reputable organisation. By writing valuable content for industry professionals, you can also reach out to a wider audience for your recruitment needs. This becomes especially effective when people share your content through social media.

What you need to do

Like with any content marketing effort, establish a strategy from the onset. This will consider what you expect to achieve and set the tone for everything that comes later.

Next, decide on the story you want to tell. Potential applicants are most attracted to organisations with values aligned with their own. Your story should highlight why your company culture is attractive, such as by discussing career development opportunities and flexible working.

The next step is to publish a regularly updated website news feed. Rather than being a stream of vacancy postings, your news feed should promote you as an authority. This could include covering current or upcoming industry trends or providing useful tips for industry professionals. A news feed should also be updated regularly, so decide on your update frequency and stick to it.

Social media plays a substantial role in reaching more people, so be sure to post your content on your company LinkedIn page, as well as any other social media pages your company has. You could also encourage employees to share content with their own social networks.

Finally, track the success of your campaigns. You will no doubt need to make adjustments occasionally to ensure a sustained influx of suitable applicants, so periodically evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy and adapt when necessary.

Hiring writers for your content needs

If you prefer to outsource your content needs, you can hire freelance writers or a news writing service. If you opt for freelancers, you may want to focus on writers with some experience of your sector. News writing services usually have a pool of writers available, so they generally assign tasks to appropriate writers.

When outsourcing content generation, you should be clear about what you expect to achieve and the message you want to send. If you want articles to discuss your internal company culture, you should provide ample background material. For example, you could ask employees to relay stories about their work experiences, because these can be great subjects for articles.

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