Business lessons from a disaster

Business lessons from a disaster

The recent dramatic events at the San Jose mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert are a reminder of the value of specialised expertise. On 5th August, 33 miners were trapped 700 metres below ground. The rescue operation may take three to four months, consisting as it does of the laborious task of drilling a 33 centimetre pilot hole down to the trapped miners. The hole is then widened or “reamed” to a diameter of 60 to 70 centimetres and then a rescue capsule will be lowered to bring the miners to the surface one by one. The experience, knowledge and skills needed for this rescue operation are considerable and will focus exclusively on the task in hand for the next few months to optimise the chances of a successful rescue.

These lessons apply in any situation, albeit not so dramatic and dangerous ones, but particularly in business where expertise is valued. A company wishing to increase its customer base would do well to consider the current and potential traffic that its website engenders.

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