Build your website today, not tomorrow

Build your website today, not tomorrow

It never ceases to amaze us how many websites we see with holding pages, coming soon pages or domains that have been registered and just have the default domain registrar’s page on them. Even worse is when we talk to people who run their own business, or are thinking of setting up a website for a business, and haven’t taken the website plunge yet.

What are they waiting for?

From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow. You’re not going to get a mighty oak tree of a website overnight, so waiting until your business is ready before thinking about your website is the worst thing you can do.

Your website will take time to get established, no matter how much budget you have (and most businesses want to spend as little as possible when just starting out). Therefore you need to give your website every chance of success. This means giving it a head start, build it now.

The longer your website has been online, the less time it will take for your website to rank in the search engines and start sending you traffic and conversions. You should launch your website immediately, even if it’s just a simple version with some basic text and pages. You just need something to get it indexed, and no, a holding page will NOT do.

Better yet you should install a blog on your domain and begin writing on it every day. This will get your website indexed regularly so when you do launch your website properly, you won’t have to wait for your oak tree – your acorn will have already sprouted.

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