Build content slowly, but act fast

Build content slowly, but act fast

Over the past few weeks, we have been dealing with a company with a particularly great, innovative and dynamic employee that understands the web and how to build a business on it successfully now.

However, his company do not appreciate the importance of acting first in the market to gain control of the situation, which allows for a greater share of the industry success in the future.

The company, it seems, do not follow this individual’s vision nor understand that to stake a claim to more business online, you have to work hard, build slowly and naturally, but initially act fast to secure your presence.

This has seen the company seemingly not dealing with Stuck On now, leaving the employee stuck between knowing just how to secure his company’s business online over the next few years, but powerless, without Stuck On, to be able to use that knowledge and strategy to good effect.

Its a shame for the individual involved that his vision will not be completed, but more importantly, the company will have to work much harder in several other areas, when, with our guidance, the control that they would have had in their industry would have made great reading on their accounting documents.

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