Brits spend more time using technology than sleeping

Brits spend more time using technology than sleeping

According to a new study conducted by Ofcom, Brits spend more time using technology than they do sleeping.

The regulator surveyed 2,800 people in the UK and discovered that the average adult spends 8 hours and 41 minutes using technological devices, compared to the 8 hours and 21 minutes typically spent sleeping.

News providers have been informed that this tech time can be broken down into segments, revealing that TV is still the most widely used form of technology with almost four hours a day spent watching. This is followed by 2 hours 46 listening to radio, 68 minutes on the internet, 28 minutes on mobile phones and nine minutes speaking on a fixed landline, according to Ofcom.

The study also investigated the media habits of those aged between 12 and 15, and concluded that 8% of this age group used email to communicate and 3% used landline telephones. When it comes to the youngest age range to take part in the survey, 6-11 year olds, it was found that their knowledge of digital media was more advanced than expected; results showed that they have the same level of understanding as an average 45-year-old.

It is highlighted that those aged between 16 and 24 are more likely to use multiple devices, conducting several tasks simultaneously; individuals in this bracket cram 14 hours and 7 minutes’ worth of tech activity into little over nine hours, raising concerns with officials who believe that this can lead to “health and development issues”.

Younger age groups are watching less TV and spending more time on app-based communications, leaving experts admitting that the technological age is only just beginning.

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